Welcome to Elaionas – a traditional Greek village by the sea

A picturesque village in Peloponnese

Elaionas (Ελαιώνας), in Greek, means olive grove.

This is a village located near Diakopto in the prefecture of Achaia in the Northern Peloponnese. It is a seaside village on the foothills of Chelmos, with the largest olive groves in the region, from which its name derives!

Elaionas is very popular among the Greeks for summer vacations, mainly due to its nice surroundings and the short distance from Athens.

The beach of Elaionas

The Elaionas beach is one of the most famous coasts around the peloponnese, as well as one of the longest ones in the region (2km start to end).

The water is crystal clear and the shore consists of small gravel. It is well organised with sun beds, umbrellas, lifeguards and, last but not least, it’s in the process of acquiring a blue flag certificate.


Our top picks


Swimming will probably be your number one leisure pursuit when you visit Elaionas.

The crystal clear waters, that are warm enough throughout the summer, challenge you every day. Early in the morning, with the first sun rays, to late afternoon, swimming and relaxing by the sea is by far the most popular activity among the locals and tourists!


Going for a morning jog, or taking an early evening walk by the sea, can be some the most relaxing and refreshing activities in your day.

But there is more…

There are many small roads and paths around the village, in the olive groves and on the foothills, perfect for you to explore.


The overall region of Elaionas is flat, which favours the use of a bicycle for a trip to nearby villages and beaches. The distances are very short but the options are plenty with more than ten places to visit within 10km radius, all rich in natural scenery and traditional ambience.

Perfect for a group ride or self explorations, a nice adventure in a magical place!


Many of the villagers indulge in fishing, which is why you will be seeing so many fishing boats on the water.

Apart from the locals, there are those who fish as a hobby, either on a boat or from the shore.

Early in the morning the beach is full of fishermen and late at night the sea gets studded with small lights from the boats in the distance.

If you are interested in fishing, guided fishing boat tours are available in the area.

Sea sports

Whether you like canoeing in the calm waters or sailing in the windy sea, you are covered.

The majority of the windy days are in August when the sea reaches winds from 16 to 28 knots. Perfect downwind locations regarding the air direction, for kiteboarding and windsurfing but some might prefer classical sailing.

The rest of the time a canoe is the perfect alternative to slide around the coast…

Volleyball and basketball

If you are a fun of  team court sports, you will find a newly constructed beach volley court as well as one for basketball.

Take your pals and play a match under the hot summer sun, or when it’s cooler in the evening,  or if you are a pro, try your chance in the local tournaments that take place every year.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is a unique and magical experience on its own, now multiply this feeling by a factor of 3.

In the rural Achaean countryside, there is plenty of space for horse riding either by the seaside or near the Vouraikos river mouth, from there exists many gravel roads used when harvesting the olive and citrus trees of Elaionas that are perfect riding paths, spreading out in all directions through many Greek villages and going up in the mountains.

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