Armenistis Cafe and Restaurant – the perfect culinary experience

The service

Armenistis restaurant provides you with a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner,  snacks and drinks.

Its terrace has stunning views of the Corinthian gulf all day around from dust to dawn under the shadows of agelong trees, accompanied by the sound of the waves and birds.

The purpose

Armenistis (Αρμενιστής), in Greek, means “the one that sails”.

Armenistis was a sailor with special skills in navigating the ship through the obstacles of the sea.

We are here to navigate the customer through the experiences of the region, combining the feel of sight with that of the taste…

Daily prepared

Our breakfasts are freshly prepared daily. Freshly baked bread and omelettes, homemade jam, fresh fruit and juices, Greek yoghurt and honey… the list goes on…

The best food along the coast

Our customers speak instead for us, rating our restaurant’s food as the best in the region!

We proudly offer you traditional and modern Greek cuisine that combines European and Eastern flavours.

Quality is our top priority. We pick the best ingredients, thus presenting you with amazing culinary results.

Sweet temtation

A traditional delicacy or a modern dessert. Either way, we ‘ve got you covered!

We are mostly famous for our delicious Gelato by the Gelateria Dimitriou in combination with our own freshly baked waffles.

Don’t miss our traditional Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts, our walnut pies or a kaimaki ice cream (mastic flavoured) on top of an ekmek dessert!

Our amazing terrace

The atmosphere in our restaurant is calm and cozy, relaxation is what describes best the place, comfortable chairs a natural canopy above your heads and the best of all, stunning views to the sea.

Many described the place as paradise…

We just let you find out for yourselves!

Don’t miss out

Our top view picks

The sunrise magic

Very few people wake up early to admire the sunrise, the ones that do though, have the perfect beginning to the day.

Luckily, in our terrace, you don’t have to go very far to experience this fabulous sight.

The view is astonishing and opens your appetite for our mouthwatering breakfast that’s coming right after!

The August Moon

All full moons are gorgeous but the August moon is always something else.

From our terrace you can watch the August full moon rising, a bright red above the sea, reaching the clear skies and mirroring itself into the seas. The nights before and after are equally spectacular. On occasions, you will see a trail of flickering lights on the calm waters, as fishing boats are waiting for the night catch.

You can enjoy the view of all this, while dining with us or simply while sipping your favourite wine from our cellar.

Check our Menu

Our menu is online for you to see, complete  with prices and photographs from each and every one of our dishes.

Our customer reviews

regarding our restaurant

“Amazing view ”

The view early in the morning is amazing, while the canopy of the trees provide natural shade all day long. The food selection and taste is amazing. The feel and texture leads me to believe that everything is locally prepared. Finally the staff is polite and friendly.


“Great food, well worth a stop”

Ate dinner with our family, came back the next day for dinner, was super good.
Creative menu, really not the standard greek cuisine.
Tried many different items from the menu and it was one of the best place we had the pleasure of eating in Greece.
Friendly team and reasonable price
Go try it out, you won’t regret



Excellent service, quiet location, the best food in the area.



Excelent service, Fantastic food, Absolutely Stunning view! I’l go again for sure!



Excellent food, relaxing environment, staff friendly and well spoken!


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